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  1. User agreement

    Please check the terms of use
    and agree to all.

  2. Enter passport information

    Enter your passport information and
    upload photo of passport as shown in
    ‘Upload Example’ and press
    [Check Customer Information].

  3. Enter SIM card information

    Enter barcode of purchased
    USIM card and press [OK].

  4. Check entered
    information and register

    Check entered information again and
    if it is correct, press [Register].

  5. Start using your SIM card

    Check that the registered
    information is correct before using.

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SIM Registsration

Please agree to the terms of use

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Entry of customer information

(* Indicated items must be entered)

※ Please enter English name on your passport.

※ Enter only numbers for the date of birth
according to your passport. (YYYYMMDD)

upload example
Passport upload example


비정상 입니다.

※ In the event that information indicated on the uploaded passport is different from the information that you entered, use may restricted. Exchange and refunds because of this will not be provided.

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Terms of Service close

1. Outline of Rental Service

1.1 Customers desiring to rent an LG U+ Cellular phone(hereinafter referred to a “phone”)are advised to come to the LG U+ Customer centers located inside Incheon International Airport and etc(other airport and online website). Customers shall present their passports and fill out an application form at the counter.
1.2 These terms of services shall be applied to all customers who use the global roaming service together with the Terms of Services of LG U+. For the items not considered in these terms, the provisions of the Terms of Services of LG U+ shall be applied. For the Terms of Services of LG U+, please contact the LG U+ Customer centers.

2. Using and Managing the rented phone

2.1 Customers shall use and maintain the phone in the same start/end condition as when rented. However this article shall not apply to the purchase of any device. During use, customers shall not attach anything to modify, or manipulate the phone in any way. Failure to comply with this may cause the phone to malfunction.
2.2 Should the customer subject the rented phone to any unauthorized actions that result in impaired function or speech quality, the customer shall take full responsibility for any and all damage and may be billed for necessary repairs.
2.3 The rented phone or wifi router is affected by radio frequencies. Calls or data may be temporarily interrupted when in a basement of passing through a tunnel or inside of a building protected by security policy.
2.4 To ensure optimum performance. Customers are advised to read the information manual carefully prior to using the service.
2-5 In case of illegal entry into Korea or commercial use, the service may be blocked, and no refunds

3. Period of Service

3.1 The period of phone service shall be from the day of rental until it is returned. However, the period of service depends on the price plan for the purchased case.
3-2 Customers desiring to extend the period of service shall call the LG U+ Customer centers (Tel: 010-3998-1004) prior to the scheduled end of service. If a customer uses the phone beyond the contracted service period without prior authorization, he/she shall be required to pay charges resulting from the delayed return of the phone. and in some cases, LG U+ may suspend service without prior notice to the customer.

4. Damage and/or Loss

4.1 LG U+ does not provide insurance covering the loss of or damage to the phone and/or its parts.
4.2 In case the phone and/or its parts are damaged or lost, customers shall immediately report loss or damage to the LG U+ Customer centers. If the customer does not report, LG U+ shall not take any responsibility.
4.3 In case the phone and/or its parts are damaged or lost, customers are required to pay for such damage or loss. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the type of equipment.
4.4 In case the phone and/or its parts are stolen or lost, customers shall pay all communication service charges covering the period from the time the customer reported the fact to the LG U+ Customer centers until the time LG U+ completes the processing related to theft or loss.

5. Billing and Payment

5.1 In the case of the in-bound rental service, the rental charge for a mobile phone as well as charges for domestic and international calls may be imposed on the users.
5.2 The mobile phone rental charge will be billed to the user per day and the domestic phone call charge will be billed per 10 seconds. The International phone call charge includes the domestic phone call charge and the International Direct Dialing(IDD) charge applied to corresponding countries.
5.3 The user shall pay the daily mobile phone rental charge and phone call charge in cash or credit card on the day that the user returns the mobile phone and its accessories.

Collection and Use of Personal Informatio close

I hereby agree that the service providing company may collect of us my personal information stated in this application form, or provide or entrust a third party with the information for further processing as follows:

1. Personal Information to be collected: User information(mobile phone number, customer name, nationality, passport number(or resident registration number), phone number, address in Korea, rental start date, expected return date, scanned copy of user’s credit card(card number, security key, etc )
2. Purpose of the use of personal information : Processing the subscription of the roaming service, billing charges, credit investigation, debt collection, and sending short message service or email or connecting to wireless internet(MMS, Call Back URL) to provide useful information including various additional services, customer appreciation events, etc.
3. Possession and period of use of personal information : The personal information is kept for 1 year. Provided, however, that the company may maintain the information when it is necessary to keep it according to the provisions of related laws and regulations including the law of the Promotion for the use of information and Communication Networks and Protection of Information, Communication Secrecy Protection Law, Basic National Tax Law, Corporate Tax Law, Value Added Tax Act. etc.

Personal Information Provided to 3rd Parties and Management Consignment close

1. Persons or entities to be provided (or entrusted) with personal information and the purpose of the use of the personal information(details of entrusted work): For customer management and maintenance and additional service provision to customers, the personal information may be provided to the entrusted contractors of LG U+(CS Leader and wide mobile), financial organizations including credit card companies and VAN companies for financial transactions, and debt collection organizations. In addition, LG U+ may use the personal information in renting mobile phones to the entrusted contractors of LG U+(CS Leader and wide mobile) and inbound travelers, explain terms and inbound travelers, explain terms and conditions of service and how to use the mobile phones, handling written application for the roaming service, and performing co-marketing or event related works.

2. Period of possession and use of personal information by the persons or entities(cooperating or entrusted) to whom the personal information is provided : The period of use of the personal information shall start from the date when the information is provided to the date when the service is terminated or the date when the service agreement expires, whichever comes earlier. The personal information shall be destroyed after expiration of the period specified above. Provided, however, that if the concerned law and regulation have special provision, the personal information may be kept according to the law and regulation.

3. The information on the location of the user may be collected and utilized for providing consular service or disaster information service