LG U+ services brings new value to customers’ lives

IoT, At the Center of Tomorrow’s LG U+

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the fundamental technology for hyper-connected societies, and it is one of the key development areas for LG U+. Currently, LG U+ is leading the IoT sector with the highest share of the market. In 2017, we established a nationwide NB-IoT network and now offer premium IoT solutions like Smart City, Smart Metering, and Smart Planet services.


U+IoT connects things with the internet, allowing customers to keep an eye on their homes from anywhere, anytime. Items at home can be controlled remotely with smart devices to save energy and time, all while keeping your home and family safe. Experience a new lifestyle with U+IoT.

  • Energy Conservation
    Monitor power consumption in real time and restrict excess usage.
    Shut down home electronics on standby mode when not in use.
    Monitor electronic devices being used in real time.
  • Safety
    Alarms sound during break-in and security guards dispatch to your home.
    During extended stays away from home, turn lights and electronics on and off to deter robberies.
    Control gas valves remotely to prevent fires.
  • Convenience
    Control power to home lights via smartphone app or voice command.
    Control home electronics simultaneously via outing and return modes.
    Control heating and cooling systems to individualized settings before arriving home.

Price plan for IoT

* Incl. VAT

IoT Unlimited rate
Price plan, 3-year contract, 2-year contract, 1-year contract, No contract
Price plan IoT Unlimited IoT Unlimited Lite IoT Single
3-year 12,100 5,500 1,100
2-year 15,400 8,250 1,650
1-year 18,700 16,500 2,200
No Contract 22,000 19,800 3,300