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LG U+에 오신것을 환영합니다


LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

The wide range of fast and convenient home services from U+ will allow your entire family to lead a smart life

We offer IPTV service so that you can watch television and VOD content in high definition in real time, using the Giga Internet service that’s as fast as the speed of light. Lead a smart life with your family by combining the IPTV service with homeboy, providing a wide variety of contents that will make your life a lot more convenient.

  • Internet

    • We offer super-high-speed Internet services that ensure a fast and reliable connection at all times.
    • The Internet speed (100M, 500M and 1G) will be dependent on the monthly plan of your choice.
    • We are the only service provider offering a monthly plan that includes a function for automatically blocking harmful sites and malicious codes.
    • U+ Giga Internet
      Giga Internet is 5~10 times faster than the existing 100M service! And because of its reliability you can depend on it.
      For 3-year contract
      Giga Internet 1G (KRW 35,000 / month)
      Giga Internet 500M (KRW 30,000 / month)
    • U+ Internet
      You pay a very reasonable price for extremely reliable 100M Internet.
      For 3-year contract
      Internet 100 (KRW 20,000 / month)
  • Wi-Fi

    Choose our Giga Wi-Fi service to experience a much faster wireless Internet speed.

    • U+ Giga Wi-Fi
      For 3-year contract
      KRW 3,000 / month