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Pyeong-chon Mega Center

Leading new datacenter paradigm, LG U+ Pyeon-chon Mega Center

  • Opening : 2015.07
  • Building : Office building, Datacenter#1 (A,B), Datacenter#2 (C,D)
  • Floors : 7 floors above ground, 3 basement levels
  • Gross Area : 85,548㎡
  • White Space : 27,770㎡
Pyeong-chon Mega Center Specification
Category Item SPEC Tier III Standard
Architectural Height of floor/Access floor 6m/1m(Local Top level) -
Seismic Class Special grade -
White space(㎡), No. of Modules 1,157㎡, 24 -
Electrical Utility capacity/voltage
(phased expansion)
160MW/154kV -
Utility incomings Active/Active Single
UPS system Static, N+1, multiple STS N+1
PDU/Branch circuit monitoring per rack 2N/YES 2N
Power Supply per Rack Avg. 10kW -
Generator Diesel N+1 N+1
Power supply to Mech-Systems Active/Standby Active/Standby
Mechanical 1:1 configuration of Turbo chiller and Cooling tower N+1 N+1
CRAC, Inverter applied N+1, Redundant rate of 20+ % N+1
Condenser/Chilled water pump/piping N+1/Concurrently maintainable N+1/Concurrently maintainable
Fire protection Fire Detection Early Smoke Detection System(VESDA) -
Fire Extinguish HFC-23, Environmentally-friendly -
Security Access Control RF Card + Biometric + Mantrap vehicle entry control -
CCTV Monitoring Major entrances in/outside Between rows in computer rooms, with recoding capacity of 3+ months -
Operation Integrated Monitoring Yes Yes
24x365 NW/Facility/Security Yes Yes