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Pyeong-chon Mega Center

Leading new datacenter paradigm, LG U+ Pyeon-chon Mega Center

  • Opening : 2015.07
  • Building : Office building, Datacenter#1 (A,B), Datacenter#2 (C,D)
  • Floors : 7 floors above ground, 3 basement levels
  • Gross Area : 85,548㎡
  • White Space : 27,770㎡
  1. Asia’s Largest White space, Global Class Mega Watt Modular Datacenter

    • Offering contiguous 450 racks per module, providing scalability and back-up configuration upon modular basis
    • Providing unlimited power supply of 6~20 kW per rack, more than 3 times of operational management by increased rack density
    • Providing Public, Private Cloud computing environments based on high density operation
  2. Risk ZERO Center The First Uptime Tier III certified among IDCs in Korea

    • 24/7 uninterrupted service, guaranteeing 100% SLA
    • Globally standardized colocation service in Korea
  3. Eco-friendly Center, with patented Free-cooling system in Metropolitan area

    • Seasonally changing free-cooling operation modes, optimized efficiency with air-side economizer for more than 7 months
    • PUE 1.4, enhanced energy efficiency by 50% , and reduced Utility rate by more than 20%, compared to existing centers

    Architectural Hot/cold Arrangement

  4. Colocation IDC with Complete Physical Security

    • Physical separation of datacenter and office, parking lots on ground level, 5 steps of access control
    • Complying with Local and Global Authorities’ Information Regulation
      : Security codes of Financial Supervisory Service, Direct Information Communication Regulation and TIA-942 International Security Standard
  5. Premium Operational Environments (NOC, Office , Amenities)

    • Providing 3,300㎡ scale of dedicated operation office for clients(physically separated from datacenters)
    • Amenities for residing operators(sleeping room, lounge, Fitness, seminar room, conference room, etc.)
  6. Customizable and dedicated datacenter provision

    • Hot-zone service (high temperature ambient environments), U+ Green hosting (U+ Server & Rack & Installation)
    • Customer-specific design, buildup and operation service