LG U+ services brings new value to customers’ lives


Welcome to a New and Improved Life

AI is the core technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and it will be at the heart of LG U+ in the future. The LG U+ AI service makes home media and IoT service use more convenient than ever. Bring home a service that acts as a teacher to your children and personal assistant to parents.

  • Home A.I.

    Home A.I. is an AI service made by U+ and Naver Clova together, providing the following 5 core services.

    • 5 Major services
      • Search U+tv VOD video content by keyword even without titles.
      • My home IoT turning on and off with a single word.
      • Search NAVER with your voice
      • Foreign language education by native-speakers available 24-hours
      • Shopping from order to payment with your voice