LG U+ offers a variety of services that add new value to your life.


Change your daily life with LG U+

LG U+ puts you first when offering a variety of convenient mobile services.
It features customer-tailored mobile plans, cellphone deals, and other differentiated services, providing you with leading content in the 5G service market.
It will continue to offer mobile services recognized both domestically and internationally, putting its customers first.

A new daily life with U+ 5G

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Service Overview

Enjoy your favorite content through various channels.You can watch the content from a different point of view and in clear zoom-in mode.
You can mirror your phone screen to your TV at just the push of a button.

  • MediaU+ Mobile TVNetflix
  • SportsU+ Pro BaseballU+ GolfSmart Home Training
  • MusicU+ Idol LiveGenie Music

This immersive experience is as vivid as your reality.With highly immersive 3D ultra-high resolution videos, you can enjoy content in a more vivid and real way.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)U+ ARU+ VR
  • EducationU+ KidsU+ Children’s Life Library

Whenever and wherever you are, enjoy your content freely.You can enjoy graphically demanding games across your phone, PC, and IPTV.

  • Cloud GameGEFORCE NOWExclusive

Available Services

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