LG U+ services brings new value to customers’ lives

Corporate Customers

LG U+, boosting the value and competitiveness of your company

LG U+ leads the corporate sector in 5G service with pride as the first data communication service provider in Korea. Putting customer surprise as our core value, we will provide diverse service that reflects customer demands and needs.

Corporate Customers list

5G Service
  • 5G Service
    • Smart Drones
      Korea’s first cloud drone control system that can monitor industrial sites in real time with autonomous flying drone. Real-time transmission of high-capacity data is possible through industry-specific drones.
  • 5G Service
    • Smart Factory
      This service remotely controls robots, heavy equipment, machinery, and sensors in factories through U+5G network, collects and analyzes big data related to production and operation.
  • 5G Service
    • Remote Control
      This service provides real-time monitoring and control of heavy equipment from remote control room.
  • 5G Service
    • Intelligent CCTV
      AI CCTV service that analyzes high-definition video, detects suspicious movements of people and abnormal changes in objects.
  • 5G Service
    • U+Drive
      Voice recognition navigation service allows you to set a destination in a word and listen to music, fairy tales, and audio books.
SOHO Customized Products
  • SOHO Customized Products
    • U+SOHO Package
      All of the telecommunications services needed for business in a single package at low prices. Designed for prospective entrepreneurs and business owners seeking affordable solutions.
  • SOHO Customized Products
    • SOHO IoT Security Package
      IoT package that provides devices for crime prevention, monitoring, alerting and reporting.
Affiliated Products
  • Affiliated Products
    • TocTalk Smart Class
      Educational service that allows students to learn the curriculum vividly with realistic contents such as photos and videos that can be viewed in AR, VR, and 360 degrees
Business Phone Services
  • Business Phone Services
    • Telephone
      This landline telephone service can be tailored to fit any business needs. In addition to clear sound quality, the service also guarantees secure connections and wired-to-wireless serivice.
  • Business Phone Services
    • U+Internet Phone
      This internet-based telephone service is an economical option for businesses. The service is stable and customizable options are available to suit businesses of all sizes.
  • Business Phone Services
    • Central Number/050/080/060
      This service provides easy-to-remember central switchboard phone numbers and additional options to enhance service quality. Businesses can boost customer satisfaction with a central line that can be reached from anywhere in the country.
  • Business Phone Services
    • Mobile Phone
      Enjoy generous data and economical service plan rates anytime, anywhere on mobile devices to optimize convenience.
  • Data
    • U+Internet
      A high-quality and secure internet service exclusively for businesses, offering safe high-speed connections. Packages are available to suit operations of all sizes, from small businesses to internet cafes.
  • Data
    • Wireless Internet
      Provides high-quality wireless Internet exclusively for business, without restrictions on the environment. Variety of wireless internet services are offered from premium services that can manage wireless networks at multiple location, to services that provide unlimited data without additional charge.
  • Data
    • U+tv
      Enjoy everything from sports to movie channels in full HD via 4K UHD Google TV, and use Google set-top services to browse the internet without a computer.
  • Data
    • Exclusive Line
      Available for customers transmitting large amounts of data or making voice/video calls domestically or overseas. Calls are always secure and connections are reliably fast.
  • Data
    • IDC
      This IT infrastructure service brings together the best technology and know-how of LG U+ services, covering operation, integration, maintenance, and repairs. Optimize your IT environment with IDC.

    Data - IDCmore

  • Security
    • Integrated Security
      With accumulated technology our security service thoroughly protects company information.
  • Security
    • U+Cloud Security
      The next generation security services specialized for branch offices that are more exposed to security threats.
Corporate IT
  • Business IT
    • Smart Work
      Software for corporate offices that helps create more convenient working environments. Enjoy Webhard for online storage and Groupware for collaborations as two of the safest and most classically reliable business sharing solutions.
  • Business IT
    • Hosting
      Web, mail, domain hosting services, and website construction services at your fingertips. Equip your business with a stable network that fits your needs.
  • Business IT
    • Microsoft QMTH
      LGU+ provides the hosting service that a customer hosts Microsoft Windows, Microsoft 365, etc with SA on the dedicated or multitenant HW.


Marketing/Customer Management
  • Marketing/Customer Management
    • Messaging
      Effectively market to and communicate with your customers via this cost effective text messaging service.
  • Marketing/Customer Management
    • Contact Center
      Provide customer service over the phone or on a headset. Communicate more closely with customers through this integrated solution.
  • Marketing/Customer Management
    • Location-based Marketing Service
      This is a service that supports successful marketing based on customers’ location information, such as sending messages to customers in the targeted-area, analysis on floating population and more.
  • Facilities/Services
    • Smart Sensor
      This service enables monitoring and remote control of company vehicles and other facilities. Boost operating efficiency of your company.
  • Facilities/Security
    • Video Solution
      An HD video sharing service that functions in real time. Equipped with video security and IT solutions to improve the safety and security of work environments.
  • Facilities/Security
    • Electric energy business
      Provides optimal energy solution that enables efficient management of energy and cost saving, by identifying energy usage pattern and operation status
  • IoT
    • Industrial IoT
      Solutions specialized in industrial field are provided based on LTE network for enterprise customers. Industrial IoT enables creation of safe and efficient industrial sites.
  • IoT
    • Smart Traffic Signals for Emergency Vehicles
      This service reduces emergency vehicle’s on-site arrival time by remotely controlling traffic signals at intersections along the route.
  • IoT
    • U+IoT Apartment
      Control home appliances and home network devices remotely and receive updates and recommendations for automated operations.