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LG Uplus 25th Annual General Meeting

- Date and time of meeting : March 19th, 2021 9AM

- Place of meeting : B2 Auditorium, LG Uplus YongSan Head Office

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Items Result Approval rate
Item 1 Approval of the 25th Financial Statements Approved 98.6%
Item 2 Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation Approved 99.8%
Item 3 Appointment of Directors (4 Directors)
Item 3-1 Appointment of Executive Director, Hwang Hyeon Sik Approved 98.8%
Item 3-2 Appointment of Non-Executive Director, Kwon Young Soo Approved 86.8%
Item 3-3 Appointment of Independent Director, Yoon Sung Soo Approved 98.9%
Item 3-4 Appointment of Independent Director, Je Hyun Joo Approved 98.9%
Item 4 Appointment of an Independent Director to be an Audit Committee Member (Kim Jong Woo) Approved 98.1%
Item 5 Appointment of Audit Committee Members (2 Members)
Item 5-1 Appointment of Audit Committee Member, Yoon Sung Soo Approved 97.5%
Item 5-2 Appointment of Audit Committee Member, Je Hyun Joo Approved 97.5%
Item 6 Approval of remuneration limit for directors Approved 84.9%
※ Number of Shares attended : 336,587,595
※ Number of shares and attendance rate,
excluding the largest shareholders and related persons:
172,165,220 (39.4%)