We Share love and add value in order to realize the dreams and hopes of our society

Social Contribution Activities

We share love and add value in order to realize the dreams and hopes of our society

LG Uplus shall make constant efforts to become ‘a company adding happiness to the world.’ In order to practice ‘A heartwarming company that connects to society through sharing,’ our vision of social contribution activities, we shall constantly share and deliver resources to places in need of interest, consideration and love of society.

LG Uplus rejects one-off donations and beneficiary donations and runs long-term social contribution activities and is expanding its social influence. In order to operate sustainable and trustful business, we also encourage our employees to actively participate in social contribution activities.

Direction of social contribution

The social contribution system of LG Uplus has emulated the image of waves spreading out from the center, of which is the vision of our social contribution system. LG Uplus makes the most of its strengths to design social contribution activities helpful for the stakeholders.

Social contribution activities plan

LG Uplus will continue engaging in social contribution activities through active voluntary participation of its employees. We will address the socially critical problems to which LG Uplus can contribute to the best. For example, last September (2015) we supplied free mobile phones to soldiers serving on the front lines. By conducting such sharing activities and actively utilizing our business capabilities, we will share with society and increase value.

Main social contribution activities

  • Free distribution of incoming-only mobile phones to military personnel

    LG Uplus announced in September 2015 that it would supply 44,000 incoming-only mobile phones to soldiers and would bear the telecommunication fees for 3 years. The company launched the program by supplying phones to each barrack, starting from front line units and remote locations.

    In recognition of the successful distribution of incoming-only phones to the soldiers, LG Uplus received an appreciation plaque from the Ministry of National Defense on Feb. 15, 2016.
  • Free distribution of Home IoT to households with a disabled person

    In celebration of the 36th National Disabled Persons Day in April 2016, LG Uplus announced lifetime support of free Home IoT service with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Services provided include the ‘DoorCam’ CCTV service, ‘GasLock’ remote gas valve control service, ‘Plug’ remote plug control service, and the advanced voice-recognition hub.

    It is expected that the disabled persons having trouble moving about and communicating will now be able to live a more free and independent life.
  • Free homeBoy for multicultural families

    LG Uplus supplied the homeBoy terminals and 3-year free educational contents service in July 2016 through the multicultural support centers.

    This program is expected to support adaptation of the women who migrated to Korea, and to enhance the education environment for the children of the multicultural families.
  • Phone bill that delivers love

    LG Uplus provides opportunities for customers to participate in these social contribution activities indirectly. If existing and new customers select to receive their bills via email instead of the postal service, the costs saved are used to fund the program.

    Medical costs covered for 1~3 children/youths with incurable diseases every month.
  • Global IT Challenge for the disabled youth

    The Global IT Challenge held by the Korean Society for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities is Asia’s biggest IT competition and festival and has been sponsored by LG Uplus for 5 years.

    Disabled youths provided with the opportunity to access ICT, to develop IT use skills, and to communicate with the world to be more independent.
  • Themed Volunteer Activity by Employees

    ‘Pleasant Sharing ON+’ is LG Uplus’ unique in-house CSR program. Employees participate in various activities, such as the ‘U+ Love of 1,000 Won’ in which they donate 1,000 Won from their monthly pay to help neighbors and colleagues in trouble.

    LG Uplus provides its employees with various opportunities and experiences to make meaningful contributions to various groups of the community.