eSIM(Data Only)

eSIM is strongly recommended for iPhone Users!
No need to visit LG U+ customer center. Just 3 seconds to start the usage after the purchase.

Advantages of LG U+ eSIM

  • After the purchase, the eSIM can be used immediately anywhere in South Korea.
  • Data-based voice calls such as Voice Talk, FaceTime, We Chat, etc. can be enjoyed with our unlimited data.
  • Incoming calls and texts can be received free of charge. * This service may not be able to be used with all device models.
  • Usage period can be extended anytime.

Outgoing calls cannot be made using this service.

Usage price by period

*VAT is included
Usage period 5days
Price ₩27,500 ₩35,000 ₩38,500 ₩55,000 ₩60,500 ₩71,500 ₩99,000 ₩143,000
Reservation discount ₩25,000 ₩32,000 ₩35,000 ₩50,000 ₩55,000 ₩65,000 ₩90,000 ₩130,000

How to use

  • Step 1

    Online reservation and payment

  • Step 2

    Check eSIM QR Code

  • Step 3

    Use the service

How to set up an eSIM



eSIM supported devices


iPhone XR / XS iPhone 11 Series iPhone 12 Series iPhone SE 2 ...


Galaxy S20 Galaxy Note20 Galaxy Z Flip ...


Google pixel 3 / 3 XL Google Pixel 4 HUAWEI P40 ...

To verify whether eSIM is supported for recently released devices that are not listed above, please refer to the FAQ section on the website or check using the mobile phone manufacturer information.


  • The eSIM QR Code can be scanned up to 2 times.
  • No refund after purchase.
  • Only country-unlocked phones that support eSIM can be used. Please check whether your device supports eSIM before purchasing.
  • This service can be used without having to remove the existing SIM from the device.
  • The usage period will be calculated from the point the data is used.
    * Example : If the 'eSIM(Data+Voice) 5days' was purchased on June 1 and data was used for the first time at 10 am on June 4, the service will be valid until 10 am on June 9.
  • You can set up eSIM while the Internet is connected.
  • Should you experience difficulties in using the service, please reach out via the chat service on our website or call the LG U+ customer center at 010-3998-1004 (charges apply / free when called from U+ mobile phones).
  • If you use up the daily provided 3GB of data, you can continue using an unlimited amount of data at up to 5Mbps of speed. 3GB of data will be provided every night at 12 AM.
  • Payments for voice top-up and extension is non-refundable.