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LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

Rental Service

You can use your phone and number anywhere in the world with the smart roaming service

Roaming is a must for a pleasant overseas tour or an efficient business trip. You can use the convenient roaming service at a reasonable fee by subscribing to any of the various roaming plans. You can use the roaming service in 239 countries for a pleasant overseas tour or an efficient business trip.

Classification of roaming method

Classification of roaming method
VoLTE roaming, LTE data roaming, WCDMA/GSM auto roaming, CDMA auto roaming, Rental roaming
VoLTE roaming Voice/video call roaming in addition to data roaming through LTE roaming for the 1st time in the world
LTE data roaming Much faster data roaming than WCDMA roaming
WCDMA/GSM auto roaming Voice/SMS/data roaming in 239 countries around the world
CDMA auto roaming Voice/SMS/MMS roaming in 10 countries including Asia for CDMA phone users
Rental roaming Anyone who travels to a country where CDMA auto roaming is not supported can still use his/her number by renting a terminal at the Roaming Customer Center.
  • Data + MMS for WCDMA/GSM auto roaming, excluding LV7400
  • Excluding some countries for CDMA auto roaming MMS

Types and price of roaming services

  • Voice call Service fee is charged for making/receiving of a voice call.
    • Making a call from Korea / 3rd country / local area
    • Receiving a call

    In the Americas, service fee is charged at the time you make a call even if it is not received by the called party.

  • Message Service fee is charged for each origination of SMS or MMS. No fee is charged for termination anywhere in the world.
  • Data KRW 4.55/0.5KB anywhere in the world.

Roaming price plan

You can select from four low-priced convenient roaming service plans from the 1-day/24-hour data discount plan to the voice+data price plan.

  • Smart roaming
    data plan
    Use the convenient data
    roaming service at just
    10,000 Won per day!
    KRW 11,000 (incl. VAT)
  • Smart roaming
    package plan
    3G data roaming combined with
    the voice call discount service!

    KRW 12,100 (incl. VAT)
  • Smart roaming
    LTE data plan
    Use LTE data roaming that is
    faster than 3G at just
    17,000 Won a day!
    KRW 18,700 (incl. VAT)
  • Smart roaming
    LTE package plan
    Use LTE data roaming with
    VoLTE at a low price!

    KRW 22,000 (incl. VAT)
  • Android phones
    • 01 : Open the Status Bar from the
      top of the screen
    • 02 : Data Icon ON
    • 01 : Settings
    • 02 : Cellular
    • 03 : Cellular Data Option
    • 04 : Data Roaming ON
  • Android phones
    • 01 : Open the Status Bar from the
      top of the screen
    • 02 : Data Icon OFF

    Note: If a caution notice for data roaming pops up when you switch on the phone, select OFF for the data roaming service.

    • 01 : Settings
    • 02 : Cellular
    • 03 : Cellular Data Option
    • 04 : Data Roaming OFF

Cautions for using data roaming

To prevent excessive fees incurred while in another country, please subscribe to the Smart Roaming Data price plan or block the data service for data roaming.

Cautions for auto update
  • Auto update of mobile messengers or mail causes your smartphone use data in the background, incurring data roaming fees.
  • If you don’t use the data roaming function to prevent excessive data roaming fees, please subscribe to the data roaming blocking service.
Cautions for mobile messenger apps
  • Kakao Talk and Kakao Story are data services. Activating these apps incurs data roaming fees. If you deactivate the data roaming service, you cannot use such services.

Mobile phone & router rental service

What is a roaming rental service for domestic phones?
Roaming rental service for domestic phones is the cell phone rental service for foreigners, overseas Koreans, International students and business men who are visiting Korea without having to pay a separate registration fees or going hrough the membership process.
How to rent
  1. Visit LG Uplus Rental Service counter.
  2. Fill out the application form. (Present passport and credit card(deposit))
  3. Pick up the handset.
  4. Before you leave Korea, return the handset to the LG Uplus rental service and pay the daily rental and call charges.
    - Daily rental and call charges may be paid in cash or by credit card when returning the handset.