LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

Creating a new IoT ecosystem with leading and differentiated solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fundamental technologies and services for a super-connected society, and it is expected to become a core business in the future for LG U+. In addition to gaining the biggest share of the home IoT market, we completed setting up a nationwide NB-IoT network in 2017. We are offering optimum IoT solutions such as Smart City, Smart Metering, and Smart Plant to the industrial and public sectors to help our clients address the issues at hand.

IoT at Home

IoT@home is a smart service that connects people with the things inside their homes so that they can check up on their homes and families anytime, anywhere and remotely control things using a smart device or with their voice. As a service that will save time and energy and keep your family and your home safe, IoT@home will lead new lifestyle trends in the future.

  • Saving
    It monitors power consumption in real time and shuts down power in the progressive charging range.
    It shuts down the standby power of home electronics to prevent unnecessary power consumption.
    You can monitor the electronic devices in use in real time.
  • Protection
    In case of a break-in, the siren will be triggered, and security guards will be dispatched to your home.
    When you are away from your home for days, the lighting and home electronics will be powered on and off automatically as a way to prevent break-ins.
    The gas valves are remotely controlled to prevent fire.
  • Convenience
    You can turn the lighting on and off inside your home using the smartphone app or voice command.
    The integrated outing and return modes allow you to control all of the home electronics at the same time.
    You can remotely turn on the heating or cooling system inside your home so that you can return to a comfortable and pleasant home environment.

Price plan for IoT

* Incl. VAT

IoT Unlimited rate
Price plan, 3-year contract, 2-year contract, 1-year contract, No contract
Price plan IoT Unlimited IoT Unlimited Lite IoT Single
3-year 12,100 5,500 1,100
2-year 15,400 8,250 1,650
1-year 18,700 16,500 2,200
No Contract 22,000 19,800 3,300