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IoT@home is activated automatically by inter-device sensing and interaction

IoT@home connects things in the house with people, enabling them to check the state of their home and their family, and even control the things remotely using their smartphone or even voice command. The service saves time and energy, protects the home and family, and makes you feel secure and comfortable.

IoT at Home

IoT@home enables connection between things in and around the home via the Internet. This function enables unprecedented surveillance and remote control of the home environment by enabling users to check the state of their home environments from inside/outside of their homes. A new lifestyle is made possible with auto execution through inter-device sensing and interaction. The service provides individuals with security, energy management and convenience, making their world safer.

  • IoT@home provides a variety of services for home security, energy, appliance and pet monitoring and management and is constantly developing new IoT devices to expand those services.
  • IoT@home is a monthly fixed pay service, By selecting a custom price plan, you can use the IoT services optimally.
  • LG Uplus does its best to continuously maximize the value of IoT@home services for its customers by providing guidance and holding regular promotion events.
  • Saving
    The service supports remote control of lighting and home appliances, switches off standby power, checks power consumption and power rates in real time, manages energy efficiently, and hence, saves costs.
  • Protection
    The service manages entrance history, sounds an alarm and automatically sends a message to security patrols in case of trespassing, and protects the home with a fire detection and suppression system and alarm service.
  • Convenience
    You can control lighting and home appliances using the smartphone touch screen or by using voice commands, keeping the home environment comfortable.

IoT Unlimited

* Incl. VAT

IoT Unlimited rate
Price plan, 3-year contract, 2-year contract, 1-year contract, No contract
Price plan IoT Unlimited IoT Unlimited Lite IoT Caps
3-year 12,100 5,500 5,500
2-year 15,400 8,250 25,300
1-year 18,700 16,500 29,700
No 22,000 19,800 36,300


* Incl. VAT

Price plan, 3-year contract, 2-year contract, 1-year contract, No contract
Price plan 3-year 2-year 1-year No
1by1 1,000 1,650 2,200 3,300