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LG U+에 오신것을 환영합니다


LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

LG U+’s Internet/ Wi-Fi service satisfies customers with the best quality

Experience the lightening speed of high-quality giga Internet service at home. Wi-Fi 5 times faster than existing service is provided with the total care service.

  • Internet

    Fast and convenient, the No. 1 Internet service provider in Korea!
    LG Uplus internet provides high-quality service, and is available across the country.

    • U+ Giga Internet
      Giga Internet is 5~10 times faster than the existing 100M service! And because of its reliability you can depend on it.
      For 3-year contract
      Giga Internet 1G (KRW 35,000 / month)
      Giga Internet 500M (KRW 30,000 / month)
    • U+ Internet
      You pay a very reasonable price for extremely reliable 100M Internet.
      For 3-year contract
      Internet 100 (KRW 20,000 / month)
  • Wi-Fi

    Giga Wi-Fi is 5~10 times faster than existing Wi-Fi services!
    In addition to high quality, you can use the high-speed Internet from anywhere within the country.

    • U+ Giga Wi-Fi
      For 3-year contract
      KRW 3,000 / month
    • U+ Wi-Fi 100
      For 3-year contract
      KRW 1,000 / month