LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

LG U+, Dreaming of “5G for All”

LG U+ makes up step by step for everyone in Korea to experience 5G world.

Everyone’s 5G, which differs from 4G in these ways.

  • 1.Ultra-high speed 20x Faster Data Transmission Speed
    You can download the high-capacity data in brief time whenever and wherever you need
  • 2.Ultra-low latency 10x Faster Data Response
    Ultralow latency is a major technique of 5G, making possible immediate communication service
  • 3.Multiple connections Enabling Multi-User Access
    10 times more people can access at the same time and more devices can be linked.

Basic benefits


  • Wired/wireless calls included
  • Wired/wireless/Internet calls: Free regardless of usage, that the service is used normally.
  • Wireless (010,011,016,017,018,019), wired (area codes 02,03X,04X,05X,06X), Internet calls
  • Other calls: The total call volume is serviced within the following volume provided.
  • Other calls: All calls other than wireless/wired/Internet (nationwide number (15XX,16XX), lifetime personal number (050X), trunked radio system (013), etc.)
  • Monthly traffic volume provided by price plan
Voice Price Plan
Price Plan Monthly traffic volume provided
Data Basic/1.3/2.3/3.6 50 min
Data 6.6/Special A/Special B/Special C/Special D 300 min


Included regardless of service providers to block spam and to prevent commercial use or excessive use, LG Uplus may charge normal price or to apply suspension of use in the following cases.


  • A message notice is provided if the traffic volume exceeds the free traffic volume. The call charge after the free traffic volume is KRW 22.53 (incl. VAT)/MB.
  • A fixed amount of KRW 19,800 (incl. VAT) is charged for traffic up to 3GB after the free traffic volume is exceeded.
  • A rate of KRW 6.76 (incl. VAT) is charged for traffic exceeding 3GB after the free traffic volume is exceeded. No fee is incurred if the user selects a limited speed (max. 200kbps).
  • Limited speed is applied if the included data volume of 2GB/day is exceeded.
  • Order of deduction of data for video portal: Monthly data for video portal → Data included in the selected price plan → Meter-rate charge: (KRW 22.53 (incl. VAT)/MB)

Premium benefits

Video Portal

All videos, TV programs and movies from around the world instantly! More than 30,000 videos available! U Plus’ unique video service.

Premium Benefits

Premium Benefits
Price Plan Premium Benefits
Data Special B 5,000 points for LG Household & Healthcare shop (U+ Family Shop)
Data Special C Up to 10,000 Asiana Airlines miles per year (500 basic miles and 1,000 special miles)
Data Special D Up to 20,000 Asiana Airlines miles per year (1,000 basic miles and 2,000 special miles)