LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

Corporate Customers

LG U+ can help boost the value and competitiveness of your company.

We pride in ourselves on being Korea's first data service provider and delivering differentiated solutions to our corporate customers, as a leader in providing corporate telecommunications services. In order to help our corporate clients continually achieve advancement, we promise to listen attentively and relentlessly pursue new projects.

Corporate Customers list

SOHO-tailored Products
  • SOHO-tailored Products
    • SOHO Package
      This is a service for providing the telecommunication products that a business establishment needs, at low prices. This is a product designed for prospective entrepreneurs and business owners looking for affordable telecommunications packages.
Cooperation Product
  • Cooperation Product
    • Touching
      This customer relationship management service converts new customers to repeat buyers. Customers can save loyalty points by simply tapping the device with smartphones. Stores can acquire quality customer data to boost sales
Corporate Phone Service
  • Corporate Phone Service
    • Telephone
      This is a landline telephone service that enables enterprises to offer customized solutions according to various working environments. We provide excellent sound quality and security, wire-wireless service.
  • Corporate Phone Service
    • Internet Phone
      This is an Internet-based telephone service, through which you can use various added services at affordable prices. We deliver stable and economical phone services tailored to your company size so that you can carry out your business tasks with improved convenience.
  • Corporate Phone Service
    • Main number/050/080/060
      You can choose a main number that your customers can call from anywhere in the country. With various other added services to enhance service quality, you can guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Corporate Phone Service
    • Mobile Phone
      We provide a sufficient amount of data at low prices so that you and your employees can engage in business anytime, anywhere as long as you have your mobile device with you.
  • Data
    • Internet
      This is an exclusive Internet service for enterprises with guaranteed security and quality that provides a safe and pleasant communication environment. Various enterprises from general companies to small businesses and Internet cafes can opt for a product that best suits them.
  • Data
    • U+ tv
      Customers can enjoy diverse channels ranging from sports channels to movie channels in full HD through the 4K UHD Google TV, and use the Google set-top-based services that enable online search, without the use of a personal computer.
  • Data
    • Exclusive Line
      This is a service that transmits large amounts of data in addition to calls and videos quickly and accurately between domestic and overseas users. You can be rest assured of its impeccable security.
  • Data
    • IDC
      This is an IT infrastructure service integrated with the technologies and operating know-how of LG U+. By offering operating, integration, maintenance and repair services, we ensure that you enjoy an optimum IT environment.

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Payment & Funds Management
  • Payment & Funds Management
    • Payment & Funds Management
      You can pay your bills for the fixed and wireless lines using this payment service. Also, funds management and accounting management services are provided so that you can manage your money more efficiently.
Corporate IT
  • Corporate IT
    • Smart Work
      This is an office solution providing diverse software programs, and helps create a more convenient work environment for your company or business. Services that have been verified over the years such as Web Hard, which was Korea’s first online storage space, and Groupware for collaborative projects are provided.
  • Corporate IT
    • Hosting
      You can obtain web, mail and domain hosting services and even website construction services. Choose the ideal hosting services for your business to ensure network stability 24/7.
  • Corporate IT
    • Integrated Security
      This is a security service that prevents leakage of not just corporate information but also personal information, as a means of protecting important and confidential information. It is a cloud-based information protection solution for you to carry out your business with improved security.
Marketing & Customer Management
  • Marketing & Customer Management
    • Messaging
      Short, long and multi message functions are provided to facilitate your communication with your customers. You can effectively manage your customers and engage in marketing campaigns at low costs.
  • Marketing & Customer Management
    • Contact Center
      This is a call service for you to provide multi-based consultation services to your customers using phones and digital devices. It is an integrated solution for dealing with customers that will help you communicate with your customers more closely.
  • Facilities/Security
    • Smart Sensor
      This is a service that enables monitoring and remote control of company vehicles, facilities, etc. using the LTE network as a means to boost operating efficiency.
  • Facilities/Security
    • Video Solution
      A video security solution tailored to the objective and scale is connected with an IT solution to provide you with HD images in real time. Our diverse image solutions can help strengthen the safety and security of your work environment.
  • IoT
    • IoT@shop
      This is an IoT solution for SOHO shops using LTE services. It will help cut down your electricity bill and monitor unauthorized intrusions at the same time.
  • IoT
    • IoT Helmet
      This is a safety solution applied to enable real-time video and audio communication in an industrial environment. Wireless communication is made possible, without the need to set up a separate image server.
  • IoT
    • IoT Apartment
      This is a solution used to not only control the home appliances and home network equipment, but also allow voice control and provide automatic execution recommendations according to the situation.
  • IoT
    • IoT Authentication Center
      This is an IoT service center aimed at catering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It provides a testing environment, free-of-charge, for SMEs to test out the products under development.