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LG U+에 오신것을 환영합니다


LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

LG U+, as an IX business service provider, is providing the fastest network connectivity by interconnecting KT, SKB, MSO and other major ISPs in Korea and Global.

IDC Configuration & Capacity

IDC NW Configuration & Capacity in Korea

IDC Overseas Configuration & Capacity

Peering with more than 60 overseas carriers like US , Hong Kong POP and major Asian carriers, the fastest overseas traffic is provided.

Internatioanl Leased Line

  • Provides international and domestic communication lines via submarine cables and satellites
  • Optimal service for various communication demands such as data, voice, video conference, etc. between the head office and overseas branches
  • Setting up service of Global Network for overseas businesses
  • 24/7 monitoring service against global situations
  • Various Solutions
    • Provides various solutions such as TDM/Ethernet leased lines between local and overseas, MPLS service, etc.
  • Global Facilities
    • Facilities(central office, earth station,submarine cable, global PoPs) and the subsidiaries with a speciality of international line
  • Integrated Service
    • A integrated service such as international line and rental & maintenance of overseas facilities, etx. for global communication
LG U+ Global PoPs

A stable international communication service by using submarine cables via diverse channels and global PoPs in U.S., Hong Kong, etc.

International Leased Line Customer Support Service

LG ITMC professionals operate a differentiated 24/7 one-stop service to support customers