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LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

IT Operation Management

LG Uplus IT Operation Management integrates and operates the whole of customer's IT systems (IDC, server, network, storage, internet, private line, S/W, program and so on) with economic efficiency/stability as top priority

Service Type

Service Type
Type, Content of Provided Service, Characteristics
Type Content of Provided Service Characteristics
Content of Provided Service
  • Check of ping
  • Check of process down
Check of Physical Equipment Status
  • The lowest price compared to other companies
  • Periodical visual inspection on equipment
Content of Provided Service
  • Monitoring of event log
  • Monitoring of CPU/Memory/Swap
  • Monitoring of port
  • Monitoring of NIC traffic
  • Monitoring of customer network equipment
  • Monitoring of traffic
Application Program
  • Monitoring of customer application program
  • Monitoring of system S/W application program
  • Monitoring of DBSM
  • Monitoring of homepage(URL)
  • Monitoring without direct log in to customer company’s system
  • Reasonable price compared to other companies
  • Possible to move ahead with relatively quick outsourcing
(Monitoring &
Content of Provided Service
  • Including Level1 Management of change (tuning/installation/patch/upgrade and so on)
  • Complying with customer requirements
  • Error analysis report and report on prevention measures of recurrence
  • Report on technical issue (prevention of error in advance)
  • Work order request
  • Managing and controlling system after direct log in to customer company’s system
  • Stable and systematic operation
  • Prompt error handling


When a customer company gets hacked or has outer invasion, professional team with technical knowledge blocks it and provides the highest level of security control service in order to keep the customer information safe.

Service Type

Service Type
Firewall Control, IDS/IPS Control, WAF S/W WAF Control, NGFW Control, Additional Service
Firewall Control It blocks illegal traffics from outside and protects network
IDS/IPS Control To supplement the weakness of Firewall, it detects, warns, blocks the hackings or worms occurred on network
WAF S/W WAF Control It protects web applications run by customer companies
NGFW Control It is a new rising Firewall control system with additional functions of recognition and control of applications
Additional Service Service of checking vulnerabilities, detecting web cell

DDoS Mitigation

Sets DDoS guard solution in IDC backbone and diverts DDoS traffic into it, leaving only the normal traffics to flow on company server.
Provides Clean Network in order to guarantee the continuity and the safety of company service

  • Backbone: fast and extensive transmission circuit which collects data from small lines
  • DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service): one of the hacking methods, which makes a server unprocessable and knocks it down

Support Services

Support Services
DDoS Guard Consulting, Monitoring and Blocking Service for Attacks, Policy Management, Log management
DDoS Guard Consulting
  • Designs secured network and calculates detecting solution capacity
  • Provides the best security system by analyzing network traffic
Monitoring and Blocking Service for Attacks
  • 24/7 event monitoring by professionals
  • Guard device blocks harmful traffic right away when an attack is detected
  • Detects and blocks zombie PC attacks
Policy Management
  • Rule exception based on event analysis
  • Guarantees a good network traffic condition by constant management
Log management
  • Provides monthly reports
  • Dualizes log server and manages the backup

IT Migration

Migration service of moving IT systems(H/W platform, database, commercial S/W, application program, etc.) into designated location promptly and safely for customers
Minimizes a possible working gap during IT migration by applying U+’s various experiences and technical know-how