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LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

Colocation Space

LG Uplus IDC provides compatible and reliable colocation space and accommodates systems owned by customers like server, storage, network (NW) equipment, etc. And provides all optimized infrastructures including physical spaces for stable operation, power, constant temperature and humidity, security and so on.

Service Type

Service Type
Type, Content
Type Content
  • A service that is useable when equipment for which the service is sought is not large
  • On th e basis of one rack, to suit the number of equipment that is to be installed, Quarter Rack(a quarter of one rack), Half Rack (a half of one rack) and Full Rack (one rack) can be used.
Rack Size
Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H) Note
48.26cm 90cm 210cm Acceptable in D : 80cm / H : 185cm
  • A service for customers who want customized place
  • Enhancing security by covering rack with wire netting
  • There are three different services like Basic, Plus and Gold depending on the number of racks in cage.
  • Door lock is installed in equipment to deny access to unnecessary persons.
  • Open to use only when the necessity arises like works carried out at the request of customer
Type Acceptable Rack Note
Cage Basic Therr racks Acceptable in an access floor
60cm / 60cm
Cage Plus Five racks
Cage Gold Seven racks
Customized IT installation service (Private Vault)
  • Establishment of customized infrastructures reflecting the various needs of customers
  • A service suitable for customer who owns system that is larger than Cage service

Internet Access

  • A service that provides internet access by connecting U+Biz IDC backbone switch and customer system with local network
  • With Ethernet structure, it is possible to provide various speeds of internet services up to 10 Gbpe* Ethernet : Typical local area network (LAN) which has bus structure

Cross Connect

  • A service that guarantees stable NW continuity by providing physical Direct Connect NW link service for various customers who use Pyeongchon Mega Center


  • DCI (Data Center Interconnection) is a service that provides customers with stable NW by using leased line network which is set up throughout LG Uplus data centers in the metropolitan area.
  • It is possible to connect exclusive NW of 1GE or 10 GE.
  • End-to-End connection service is offered with no charge for Cross Connect within the district of each data center.

Remote/Smart Hands

  • A service that provides technical professionals of data center to execute 24/7 operational support works for customers' IT equipment
  • In case of repetitive works, emergency situation on equipment, etc., professional manpower of LG Uplus provides necessary on-site services.

Support Type

  • Support for Power On/Off and Soft Rebooting
    Provision of support when customers' equipment fails or power on/off of equipment is needed due to the unavailability of remote access
  • Remote Status Check
    Provision of support for checking entire alarm status or monitor screen of equipment, which are impossible to check remotely
  • Error Handling and Remote Work Support
    According to customer's proactive working process, professional manpower of LG Uplus carries out the work on site.
  • Support for Equipment Installation and Setting-Up Work
    Provision of support for rack installation along with power connection and system initialization according to customer's working process
  • Support for Cabling Work
    A service which handles cable installation, labelling, connection check and so on for customers
  • Module Removal and Mounting Work
    A service which handles installation and replacement of hardware card or module of equipment for customers
  • Receipt and Storage of Equipment
    A service which receives and stores equipment for a certain period of time on behalf of customers