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LG U+에 오신것을 환영합니다


LG U+ Provides variety of service plans create new lifestyle for customers

CDN(Content Delivery Network)

  • Provides paths for access through the nearest IPS from user by distributing customer content
  • Allows to transmit contents in a faster, more stable and efficient condition than previous network-high class transmission platform service
  • Customer’s point of view : moderate-priced efficient smart platform service that delivers mass contents to service users fast and safely
  • User's point of view : optimal route for access and fastest responding time are available since each server farm built in the related ISP takes distributed and synchronized contents. High reliability of mass files and guaranteed speed for downloading are also achievable

Service Type

Service Type
Type, Contents
Type Contents
Download Fast Distribution and Mass File distribution for multi-users

To distribute the contents, which client uploaded on the main node of IDC, to each ISP server in real time.
Users can download the contents from each ISP server.

  • target customer : game (new, patch), deployment of solutions, etc.
  • function : download client is provided.
Media Streaming HD streaming, WMV, Flash, H.264

Client distributes encoded streaming contents from the main node of U+ IDC to each ISP in real time.
Via GSLB(Global Server Load Balancer), users can be provided with optimal access.

  • target customer : UCC portal, broadcasting (sports broadcasting, movie, etc.), VOD
  • function : WMT, Flash, Video, etc. are available

* GSLB(Global Server Load Balancer) : one of the core constituents of dualization of data center and disaster recovery center to minimize the damage caused by unpredictable accidents

Caching Improvement of image loading speed

To provide caching service for image files via caching server within multi-ISP

  • target customer : e-commerce, online shopping mall, etc.,
Cloud Storage Boundless and scalable data storage service, mass contents storage, storage for download/streaming, and inexpensive service usage fee

It is next generation Internet storage service that cloud computing is applied. Each storage is logically virtualized through network, combined to storage Pool with infinite capacity, and managed and used.
target customer : multi-media CP, online education, web hard

Additional function
  • Storage : each ISP contents storage space is provided
  • download client : contents downloading, continuous downloading, etc. is available
  • Media authentication : user authentication, and blocking of concurrent connection
  • Media DRM : unauthenticated users cannot play the video
  • Video Player : Video media player based on DirectShow

Global CDN

  • LG Uplus IDC provides contents in optimal quality to end-user world wide, such as America, Europe, Asia, etc.,
  • It guarantees fast and stable customer service by distributing to CDN cache server in order to prevent traffic from being concentrated on client‘s source server.