LG U+ create a happy workplace which employees joyfully wish to go work in the morning

LG U+ Culture

LG U+ creates a happy workplace

LG Uplus aims to create a happy workplace which employees joyfully wish to go to work in the morning. Based on its “people-oriented” management philosophy, LG Uplus continually fosters a unique corporate culture in which employees are inspired to immerse themselves into their duties emotionally with a sense of ownership, thus creating a sustainable business preferred by all stakeholders. LG Uplus seeks to be the leader by realizing the health and happiness of its employees through its four overarching goals: ‘Balanced Life,’ ‘Organization Climate,’ ‘Community’ and ‘Work’.

  • Balanced Life
    Harmonious home
  • Organization Climate
    Positive corporate culture
  • Community
    Participatory social contribution
  • Work
    Reporting/meeting culture
    Working practices
    Working environment

Balanced Life

LG Uplus operates its ‘Harmonious Home’ program and ‘Wellness’ program to promote a work-life balance for its employees. The ‘Harmonious Home’ program is designed with the overall lifecycle of employees in mind in order to provide care to him/her and his/her family. The ‘Wellness’ program is a psychology counseling service that includes an effective ‘Mind Stretching’ meditation program.

Organization Climate

LG Uplus fosters optimum work conditions through liberalization of the dress code and also organizes various activities including CAs and in-house campaigns that promote camaraderie among employees thus propagating a happy workplace culture throughout the organization. LG Uplus runs various morale booster programs, such as golden bells in company cafes at the Yongsan/Sangam office, and “Didorphin Shoes” for site employees.


Every second and third Wednesday of each month is now a “Smart Work Day” on which employees are allowed to leave the office one hour early. The Smart Work Day program aims at fostering work immersion. The Talking Stick program promotes active expression of opinions in meetings/reports. We also hold an “office flowing with music” program and an “exhibition of pictures and photos” program.


“Pleasant Sharing ON” is LG Uplus’ unique CSR program. LG Uplus shares love with the disadvantaged through various activities, such as its “Happiness of 1,000 Won” program whereby a small sum of money is collected from the employees, the “Dudrim Magic Bankbook” program in which employees become mentors of the youths of disability families and support them for 5 years, the “U+ Vonation” program in which employees donate their voices, the “Single On+” program for activities with single employees of other companies, the “Family On+” program which promotes activities with the family, auctions of cherished goods of employees and clothes of advertisement models, and charity bazaars that include donations from employees.

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