LG U+ create a happy workplace which employees joyfully wish to go work in the morning

LG U+ Culture

At LG U+, we’re endeavouring to become a workplace where our employees want to be as soon as they wake up in the morning

LG Uplus is fostering a corporate culture based on respect in which all its employees listen and care for each other in order to turn the company into a workplace where everyone feels happy to go to when they get up in the morning. With “Balanced Life”, “organizational climate,” “work,” and “Community” as the four key words, efforts are being made to move and inspire the members of our organization by ensuring that they enjoy their time in the office.

  • Balanced Life
    Employee & Family Care
  • Organizational Climate
    Recognition & Encouragement
    Positive Organization
  • Work
    Job value
    Career development
    Smart Working
    Creative working environment
  • Community
    Participatory social contribution

Balanced Life

LG Uplus run ‘Employee & Family Care’ and ‘Wellness’ programs to ensure a work-life balance. Employee & Family Care consists of diverse programs based on employee’s life-cycle and we operates Parent’s Day, Lecture on Dating Tips, Special CEO Gifts for newly Marriage & Pregnant Employees, Family Camping, Lecture on Childcare program. LG Uplus provides psychiatric consultation services for employees across the nation and operates the “U+ Happy Meditation” program for the mental health. In addition to this, LG Uplus has been making various efforts to improve the physical health of its employees through fitness center, Healing Place(massage therapy). Also, LG Uplus has PC-OFF system for employee’s work-life balance.

Organization Climate

Just like the Butterfly effect, LG Uplus has online Thanks system that’s aligned to donation campaign for hearing-impaired children and offline Thanks Campaign using Thanks cards. LG Uplus supports its employees in their leisure activities and self-improvement through the “Joyful Culture” event and “Informal Group” program for those who are too busy to enjoy life. It also offers various other programs to boost employees’ morale, such as TGIM U+ (Thank God It’s Monday) to help employees overcome Monday Blues, LG Uplus also appointed Change Agents (CA) from each team to let them lead the culture change to make joyful workplace. LG Uplus holds a Beer Party in different cities to boost up internal communications. LG Uplus is creating a pleasant working environment by recognizing the efforts of employees and encouraging them. One of the main programs is the “The Best DNA Award” given to those who have performed well in their respective area or TF.


Efforts are being made to enhance work efficiency and promote creativity and autonomy in the work environment. Some of the examples are the Smart Working Day, where the employees are allowed to leave an hour earlier on the second and third Wednesdays of the month, as well as the casual wear system. Reports can also be filed, without adhering to specific formats, and a campaign to improve the meeting and reporting culture is being carried out through the Smart Meeting Room. The Art & Healing Gallery and the dartboards as well as playing music for the organization members when they come into and get off work and during lunch hours help stimulate the five senses and create a more creative working environment. Furthermore, capacity building and personal growth opportunities are provided through diverse career development programs including regular and non-scheduled in-house contests.


LG Uplus is carrying out a series of social contribution activities called “Joyful Sharing” with the participation of its employees in various parts of the country, aiming to make the world a warmer place. LG Uplus operates monthly donation program for Small donations for coworkers and underprivileged neighbors “$1 of Love Fund”, Supporting the dreams of teens from a family with disabilities “DoDream U+ Magic Account”, Supporting for creating a safe home for families with disabilities “Executives Love Fund” Also, in order to add more warmth to society, various participatory sharing programs have been initiated including U+ Vonation (mixed words : Voice+Donation), where our staff “donated” their voice by recording audio books for the visually impaired, Team Volunteer Program(1:1), Single ON+, which is a sharing program carried out with the staff of other companies who are single, and auctions of items donated by the executives and outfits worn by advertising models.

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