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LG U+에 오신것을 환영합니다


LG U+ create a happy workplace which employees joyfully wish to go work in the morning

LG U+ makes efforts to promote a work environment in which employees can show their utmost abilities

LG U+ runs various programs for employees to improve themselves according to their personal aspirations. By providing differentiated treatment and rewards according to the performance of individuals and teams, the company promotes a system in which employees are recognized based on their abilities and outcomes.

Talent Fostering

Human resources development system
With a strong belief that nurturing talents is key to securing competitiveness and market leadership, LG Uplus has in place a comprehensive range of talent development programs.
Office clerks
Team member
  • Business leader
  • Function leader
Sales experts
Shop manager
Channel manager
Branch manager
Telecommunication consulting experts
Team Leader/QAA
Consulting manager
Operation team manager
Center manager

LG Uplus

In-house training program
Basic training : LG Uplus provides the required courses suitable for the development steps in the organization.
Job/skills training : LG Uplus provides training on the specialty areas required by the job.
Leadership /core talent training : The company trains leaders through the leadership course, and coaches them.
Career Development Program(CDP)
LG Uplus supports its employees to build their careers and abilities according to their own career paths.
Establish a career development plan
Provide opportunities for job rotation
Coaching and mentoring

Appraisal / Reward

LG Uplus appraises the achievements of each employee and their level of development through a fair and objective appraisal system and utilizes the results when deciding additional training and rewards.

  • Appraisal
    · Establishment of goals of achievement/abilities
    · Periodic check and feedback of achievement of the goals
  • Rewards
    · Adjustment of annual salary
    · Incentives
    · Performance-related pay
  • Career development
    · Appointment of duties
    · Change of titles
    · Establishment of career paths
    · Face-to-face counseling

Welfare Benefits

LG Uplus has diverse welfare benefits in place to boost the work morale and improve the life values of employees.

  • Leave
    Annual paid holidays
    Refresh vacation system
    Expenditures/vacation for commendations and condolences
    Maternity support: Time-off for checkups during pregnancy, time-off before/after delivery, maternity/paternity leave, shortened working hours during early parenting period, etc.
  • Telecommunication fees
    Full support for telecommunication fees
    (KRW 480,000 for Customer Center)
  • Residential/life support
    Support for children's tuition fees
    Child birth celebration program
    Child's school entrance celebration program
    In-house childcare center
  • Medical support
    Support for general checkup
    Support for medical expenses
    Psychology consultation room
  • Multi points
    2.2 million points a year
    (1point = KRW 1)
    1.8 million points for Customer Center
  • Self-development/
    leisure activities
    Support for tuition fee
    Discount on resort facilities
    In-house fitness center
    Operation of informal groups (clubs)
    Support for sports tickets (baseball, soccer, etc.)
  • Corporate product discount
    Discount with LG Family Card
    Online shopping mall exclusive for employees