LG U+ exerts every effort to achieve sustainable growth, providing services that can satisfy its customers and fulfilling social responsibility.

Compliance Program

LG U+ has adopted a compliance program. A compliance program is an electronics and telecommunication service provider's internal system to comply with laws and protect its customers.
In May 2016, the Korea Communications Commission adopted the compliance program to encourage telecommunication service providers to voluntarily comply with laws and give them benefits that involve exempting maximum 10% of charges imposed on those with excellent program outcomes.

  • CEO's Willingness to Comply with Laws Show CEO's willingness to comply with laws on the company’s official website or publications so that the employees and the public can clearly see it
  • Assigning a Compliance Program Officer and Running a Consultive Body Assign a compliance program officer who oversees the operation of the program inside the company Establish the compliance program consultation committee to resolve conflicts among different teams and assign authority and responsibility to the compliance program officer
  • Publication of the Compliance Program Handbook Create and distribute the detailed guidelines on how to voluntarily comply with the Telecommunications Business Act
  • Training on the Compliance Program Offer training programs to raise the employees' awareness of the Telecommunications Business Act
  • Establishment of a Data Management System Create records on the compliance program and publish them Keep the records safe after identifying who is responsible
  • Internal Inspections Carry out regular inspections under the supervision of the compliance program officer to check whether there have been any violations of the Telecommunications Business Act or whether the compliance program is properly put into practice

Please download the file to see the KCC's
"Guidelines on How to Run a
Compliance Program."Download a PDF file

LG U+ believes that being competent means voluntarily complying with laws, creating an environment for fair competition, and protecting customer rights. Thus, it offers regular training to its employees.
It will strive to be a reliable and trustworthy company that always puts customers first while running a compliance program based on the government's guidelines and its internal codes of ethics.