LG U+ exerts every effort to achieve sustainable growth, providing services that can satisfy its customers and fulfilling social responsibility.

Human Rights Management

LG U+ respects its employees as human beings and treats them fairly based on their competence and performance. It follows the principles of "people-oriented management" to ensure that its employees can remain creative at work.
It also adopts these principles to all the stakeholders including customers, partners, and local communities to prevent and
remove the causes of human rights violations in a business setting.

  • Customers Protect privacy Protect customer information Ensure the rights to receive equal services Ensure fair trade that respects consumer rights
  • Employees No discrimination Ensure equal opportunities Respect the freedoms of assembly and association Create a safe workplace Respect working conditions
  • Partners Pursue fair trade Take a win-win approach Help partners pursue human rights management
  • Local Communities Protect the human rights of the local community members Achieve transparency when disclosing information Protect the environment