LG U+ exerts every effort to achieve sustainable growth, providing services that can satisfy its customers and fulfilling social responsibility.

Customer Satisfaction

LG U+ puts customer satisfaction first. By using the big data-driven AI technology, it offers tailored services to suit the customers' needs. It also collects and analyzes their opinions on its services and networks to consistently ensure quality. In particular, it carries out quality assurance tests preemptively under real or similar conditions in which its customers use the IPTV services for maximum satisfaction.
Furthermore, it exerts every effort to provide high-quality content for broadcasting and improve the usability of the services.

Fast Data Processing Speed

LG U+ has been constantly expanding the equipment to ensure the 5G coverage across six metropolitan cities and major buildings and multi-use facilities in them and across 78 small and medium-sized cities to reduce any inconvenience associated with 5G services.

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

LG U+ exerts every effort to keep its customers healthy and safe.
In compliance with the Radio Wave Act, it regularly measures and checks the intensity of electromagnetic waves. As a result, it has been spending 99.9% of its budget on ensuring that the intensity of electromagnetic waves is lower than 41~61V/m, which is the equivalent of the first grade based on international standards. In addition, it has been trying to eliminate misunderstandings or concerns about electromagnetic radiation by having a group of observers and providing them with sufficient information when measuring the intensity of electromagnetic waves.

Immediate Response to Communication Disruptions

LG U+ prevents communication outages by regularly inspecting the telecommunication facilities and eliminating risk factors in advance. Furthermore, it is equipped with a real-time 24/7 monitoring and response system to immediately recover from disruptions. During the national or public holidays with the increased number of service users, it runs a "special program to respond to increased traffic" in priority
so that its customers can use the services stably.

[Traffic Management Capability]
Traffic Management Capability : Capacity for Wireless Communication Circuits (Number of Circuits, 10,000 people), Annually processed data traffic (volume of annually used data, TB)
Capacity for Wireless Communication Circuits
(Number of Circuits, 10,000 people)
LTE 1,828
5G 400
Total 2,228
Annually processed data traffic
(volume of annually used data, TB)
LTE 1,411,379
5G 398,947
Total 1,810,326
(Published in 2020)
[Electromagnetic Radiation Levels Measured by Wireless Stations] 2018's(number of measurements:9,458, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%), 2019's(number of measurements:13,811, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%), 2020's(number of measurements:35,763, Grade 1 Ratio:99.9%)
[Disruption Response Teams]

Customer-Centric Consulting Services

LG U+ offers comprehensive services for maximum customer convenience. Customers can find answers to their inquiries about mobile and home services at once and manage their family’s telecommunication lifestyle per household. Furthermore, LG U+ always listens carefully with respect for its customers. To make them open up, it aims to understand and sympathize with its customers first and put itself in their shoes to solve the problems.