LG U+ exerts every effort to achieve sustainable growth, providing services that can satisfy its customers and fulfilling social responsibility.

LG U+'s Sustainable Management

Taking the initiative in creating social, economic, and environmental values

LG U+ has been creating a fun and dynamic workplace to achieve qualitative growth and offer services with a focus on customer satisfaction. In addition, it also has been using ICT to bridge the digital literacy gap and contributing to actively solving social problems by providing support to the socially disadvantaged. It will continue to drive digital innovation and present new experiences to customers by adapting to a new environment and keeping up with the changes of times.
Furthermore, LG U+ will secure growth engines for the future and achieve sustainable growth.

A. Achieving customer-centric qualitative growth - Understanding customers from multiple perspectives, Providing services and contents customers want, Innovating customer experience at every level, B. Creating fun and dynamic LG U+ - Helping employees find meaning at work and creating a horizontal culture of open discussion, Becoming an agile organization that responds quickly to changes, C. Using ICT to solve social problems -  Offering IoT-based care services, Improving access to information for the socially disadvantaged, D. Securing growth engines for the future -  Innovating customer experience by enhancing the competitiveness of core competencies

ESG Committee

LG U+ runs the ESG Committee under the Board of Directors, the highest decision-making body, to improve environmental, social, and governance practices in business.
Composed of four external directors and one internal director and headed by an ESG expert, this committee pursues professionalism and transparency.

이사회 하위 감사위원회, 재무위원회, 사외이사후보추천위원회, 내부거래위원회, ESG 위원회 - 간사 : 홍보담당, 지원부서 : CSR팀 : 경영회의, 의장CFO, ESG 실무 협의체 : ESG 전략과제 선정 및 경과사항 공유 : 안전/보건/환경, 노동/인권, 공급망관리, 정보보호(보안), 고객가치(품질커미티), 지배구조/윤리경영, 전략, 사회공헌/대외커뮤니케이션

Communication with Stakeholders

LG U+ aims to achieve better communication with its stakeholders in a response to growing social responsibility and uncertainty caused by dramatic changes to the external environment. It has been exerting every effort to continuously interact with its stakeholders which can be categorized into customers, employees, partners, shareholders and investors, the government, and local communities.

Stakeholders - Customers
Major Communication Channels
  • Directly run stores
  • Groups of free trial users
  • Customer service centers
  • Website and social media
  • Customer satisfaction survey
Details of Communication
  • VoC programs on mobile and home services
Stakeholder Interests
  • Improving the security of customer information
  • Offering customer-centric products and services
Stakeholders - Employees
Major Communication Channels
  • Result-sharing workshops
  • Employee grievance system
  • Labor-management consultation committee
  • Safety and health committee
  • Internal bulletin boards
  • Psychological counseling center
  • Newsletters
  • CEO's on-site visit
  • Blueboard
  • Survey for employees
Details of Communication
  • News on wage negotiations
  • Briefing on labor relations
  • CEO's on-site visit
  • Blueboard meetings
  • Fun and exciting activities of change agents in the workplace
Stakeholder Interests
  • Facilitating communication among employees
  • Maintaining a work-life balance
  • Enhancing employee competences
Stakeholders - Partners
Major Communication Channels
  • Meetings with CEO and executives
  • Online whistleblowing system
  • Mutual growth broads
  • Newsletters
  • Education and business support
Details of Communication
  • Mutual growth broads
  • Meetings for mutual growth
Stakeholder Interests
  • Implementing a fair trade compliance program and establishing relevant partnerships
  • Assisting with enhancing partner competitiveness
  • Promoting regular communication and collaboration
Stakeholders - Shareholders & Investors
Major Communication Channels
  • Regular reports
  • General meetings of stockholders
  • Board of Directors
  • IR activities
Details of Communication
  • Board meetings
  • Regular general meetings of stockholders
  • IR presentation
  • Frequent meetings with other investors
Stakeholder Interests
  • Focusing on preemptive risk management
  • Improving technological competitiveness
  • Leading the 5G network market
Stakeholders - Government
Major Communication Channels
  • Participation in industrial policy-making
  • Collaboration on national projects
  • Establishment of social safety nets
Details of Communication
  • Collaboration on contributions to public goods
  • Universal services
  • Assistance with Korean demand-response (DR) projects
  • Regulatory compliance and tax payment
Stakeholder Interests
  • Complying with laws and regulations such as the Mobile Device Distribution Improvement Act
  • Enhancing the infrastructure with a focus on the strengths of the telecommunications industry
Stakeholders - Local Communities
Major Communication Channels
  • Social contributions
  • Public campaigns
Details of Communication
  • The socially disadvantaged as the target
  • Assistance with services
  • Employees' volunteer work
Stakeholder Interests
  • Increasing social contributions with a focus on the strengths of an IT company
  • Sharing the information of corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the social and environmental impacts

Sustainability Policies

LG U+ has been developing and implementing policies on labor/human rights, safety/health/environment, righteous management, information security, and other areas to achieve sustainability more systematically.